Stalled! 2018 Updates

May 4, 2018

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Noncompliant Bodies

Noncompliant Bodies: Social Equity and Public Space, a conference convened by Joel Sanders and Susan Stryker at Yale School of Architecture, assembled a group of designers and scholars to explore architecture and social justice through the lens of race, gender and disability. The Stalled! Team (Joel Sanders, Susan Stryker, Terry Kogan) presented on the session dedicated to Restrooms.

2018 Arnold W. Brunner Grant

Joel Sanders is the recipient of the Center for Architecture’s 2018 Arnold W. Brunner Grant for Architectural Research for Stalled!: Social Equity and Public Restrooms, a project that will finalize two years of research and create an open-access website. Read more HERE.

Footprint Journal

Joel Sanders’ essay “Stalled!: Transforming Public Bathrooms” was published in Footprint 21: Trans-Bodies / Queering Spaces, the latest issue of TU Delft’s Architecture Theory Journal. The full issue can be read online HERE and physical copies can be purchased HERE.

Urban Omnibus

“Noncompliant Bodies, Accomodating Space”, an interview with Joel Sanders by Jacob Moore, QSPACE, and QSAPP, is featured in Urban Omnibus’ new LGBT-focused essay series “Intersections”. Read the interview HERE.

Architectural Digest

“Neither His Nor Hers: How Design Could Save the Gendered Bathroom Debate”, an article by Architectural Digest, features an interview with Joel Sanders about Stalled! and discusses gender-inclusive restrooms in New York. Read the article HERE.

Lectures + Workshops

Stalled! offers public lectures that situate restroom debates within a broader cultural, historical, and political context, and conducts campus workshops that assemble key university stakeholders to discuss the practical challenges of implementing inclusive spaces.