Joel Sanders Architect

Yale Media Lounge

The Media Lounge, located in the first floor of the newly renovated Yale University Art Gallery designed in 1953 by Louis Kahn, consolidates all functions – reception desk, waiting area, museum shop and cafe – typically isolated from one another in a traditional museum lobby. At the same time, it adds a new and unorthodox program, a media lounge geared towards turning the museum into a frequent destination for students where they can chat over coffee, browse through museum publications, or work on their laptops.

Flexibility is a key element in our design, as it was in Kahn’s original conception of the museum as an open loft that could be subdivided using a series of floating modular display panels. In the same spirit, our intervention employs mobile furniture and display units that can be combined and reconfigured to create a dynamic environment that can host a full range of events from informal study groups to evening galas.

Location New Haven, CT
Size 7,000 SF
Year 2007
Photos Peter Aaron / ESTO