Joel Sanders Architect

Wigmore Gallery

The relocation of the Wigmore Gallery to a new space on West 57th street involved coming up with an environment suited to the display of the gallery’s unique inventory of museum quality 20th century realist and abstract American paintings.

Our design introduces a freestanding Cube that subdivides the long and narrow space into three zones, a front exhibition space, a central service core and a rear art storage area. The Cube, clad in salvaged rosewood repurposed from the gallery’s previous location, houses two back-to back private functions, an office and a viewing room for showing art to clients by appointment. The Cube is intersected by a dynamic sheetrock ceiling whose contours give spatial definition—a sense of place—to each of the three activity areas. The ceiling’s undulating surface reinforces two view corridors that afford uninterrupted views from one end of the gallery to the other.

Location New York, NY
Year 2017
MEP Engineer Charles G. Michael Engineering
Lighting Designer Rick Shaver Architectural Lighting
Photograph Peter Dressel