Joel Sanders Architect

Tompkins Square

This combination of two one-bedroom apartments in an East Village Coop overlooking Tompkins Square Park uses multi-purpose built-in furniture and mood lighting to create a flexible loft-like environment conducive to living, working and entertaining. Our scheme provides one linear volume zoned by activity: a built-in couch for lounging and watching media, a work surface for working and dining, and a bed/conversation pit.

A wet core consolidates the adjacent kitchen and master bathroom: the cantilevered kitchen island, clad in black granite, incorporates a shower and a soaking tub. A recessed frame inscribed in the apartment’s western wall visually links five existing double-hung windows. LED lighting illuminates this zone: by dematerializing the solid wall surfaces between the windows, the lighting demarcates a virtual ribbon window whose color can be calibrated in response to environmental and programmatic conditions both on the interior and exterior of the apartment.

Location New York, NY
Size 900 SF
Year 2009
Photos Peter Aaron / ESTO