Joel Sanders Architect


Today new media technologies have made possible the realization of the concept of live/work loft living first pioneered by SoHo artists in the 70’s: business and leisure are now fluid activities that can take place in the same space. Our design for Loftel takes advantage of this unprecedented technological development: the hotel’s sequence of linked public spaces (lobby, business lounge, screening room, restaurant and roof terrace) as well as the private hotel rooms are all conceived of as flexible immersive media environments that promote both work and leisure.

The Lobby is subdivided into a series of audio-islands – furniture groupings surmounted by audio-spotlights – that can be regulated by users to create semi-private spaces conducive to leisure or business. Curtains can be pulled for visual privacy. In a similar vein, the dining area features a range of adaptable spaces – from cozy banquettes to glass-enclosed rooms– that can be used for cocktails, meals or private meetings. Projected murals and wall patterns lend the space different moods over the course of a day. Unencumbered by walls and partitions, Loftel Rooms capture the essence of loft living: the luxury of uninterrupted open space. A system of prefabricated freestanding elements can be combined onsite in various configurations, from small studios to luxurious suites. Modules combine hard and soft materials – comfortable fabrics and furnishings with custom molded plumbing fixtures, built-in storage cabinets and glass privacy partitions – to confound traditional distinctions between architecture and interior decoration.

Location New York, NY
Size -
Year 2007