Joel Sanders Architect

Berlin Metropolis,The Jewish Museum

Berlin Metropolis: Jews and the New Culture, 1890-1918, an exhibition mounted at the Jewish Museum in New York City (November 1990-April 2000) explored the significant role Jews played, as artists, producers and impresarios, in bringing avant-garde artistic culture to fin-de-siecle Berlin. Our challenge was to create an environment that integrated a wide range of objects and artifacts representing the different artistic spheres covered in this ambitious exhibition—the visual arts, literature, cabaret and cinema.

Rather than isolate each section of this complex interdisciplinary show in separate rooms, our strategy was to create a series of inter-connecting zones associated with various artistic disciplines that were all linked by a series of interlocking horizontal and vertical surfaces for the display of a diverse range of media including prints, paintings, books, memorabilia, posters, and film clips. Carefully placed apertures inscribed in the Sheetrock walls created vistas that emphasized the formal and historical links between these overlapping artistic spheres as they emerged in Berlin prior to World War II.

Location New York, NY
Size 6000 SF
Year 1990