Joel Sanders Architect

Charles Worthington

The Manhattan flagship of Charles Worthington, a London-based cosmetics company, accommodates a varied program of salon, lounge, and offices. Backlit suspended soffits and underlit white-lacquer furniture dematerialize boundaries. Dramatic glass vases, also lit from below, rise from a cantilevered reception desk. An L-shaped sofa, suspended from a central structural column, creates an inviting lounge where clients can relax and chat as they enjoy the dynamic urban view.

Worthington features custom-designed movable styling stations that can be configured in various ways, either as freestanding elements or as pieces docked into a central storage platform. These units, together with the movable modular ottomans, allow for multiple spatial configurations that permit different activities to take place at different times – salon by day, event space at night.

Location New York, NY
Size 4,000 SF
Year 2003