Joel Sanders Architect

Broadway Malls

The Broadway Mall Association assembled JSA, Balmori Associates, and Domingo Gonzales Lighting to realize a new park master plan for Broadway. The not-for-profit group maintains 5.5 miles of park land located within the 20 foot wide medians that separate traffic on Broadway between 70th and 168th Street.

The proposal considers Broadway Malls as a linear park that creates dynamic connections between diverse neighborhoods. It weaves between different parts of the City, a continuous public space that links nature and culture, and promotes interaction between people of different origins, ages, and sexes. Through responsible draining, planting, building, and maintenance, the new Broadway Malls updates and enhances a significant part of New York City parkland.

Location New York, NY
Size 5.5 Miles Long (10.6 Acres)
Year 2011
Landscape Architect Balmori Associates