Joel Sanders Architect

24/7 Business Hotel

Our prefabricated modular design for the 24/7 Business Hotel integrates furniture and enclosure within a volume made of two principal materials: a molded, waterproof fiberglass shell and a pliable lining, used for flooring and upholstery. Privacy screens that double as projection screens, operated by remote control, descend from tracks embedded in the ceiling, subdividing the space when seclusion is required.

Storage, from window to corridor, is integrated into the folded membrane. Conceived of as a miniature spa, the bathroom contains a single basin that merges sink, shower, and tub. Each hotel room has a retractable facade. In the open position, rooms can merge with the hotel corridor now conceived of as a vital social connector. Collapsing traditional distinctions between work and leisure, stable shell and freestanding furniture, the 24/7 Business Hotel offers a multitasking environment literally molded to fit the personal and professional needs of the global business traveler.

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Year 2003