Noncompliant Bodies: Social Equity and Public Space

February 22, 2018


SAVE THE DATE! April 6-7, 2018

Noncompliant Bodies: Social Equity and Public Space, a symposium convened by Joel Sanders and Susan Stryker at Yale School of Architecture, explores the relationship between architecture and the demands for social justice voiced by people who have been marginalized on the basis of race, gender and disability. The symposium will examine three architectural types: restrooms, museums, and urban streets. Our objective will be to propose alternative futures that rethink the relationship between bodies and built environments in ways that serve the goals of social equity.

Speakers will include Barbara Penner, Sheila Cavanagh, Terry Kogan, Quemuel Arroyo, Jennifer Tyburczy, Mabel Wilson, Mario Gooden, Charles Renfro, Stuart Comer, Jos Boys, Clare Sears, Elijah Anderson, Keller Easterling, Rashad Shabazz, Alison Kafer and Robert Adams. See schedule HERE.

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