Joel Sanders Featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer and PennDesign News

March 13, 2017


Following Joel Sanders’ lecture at PennDesign, Non-Compliant Bodies: Social Equity and Public Space, the evolution of Sanders’ thinking about the creation of inclusive spaces that accommodate people of different ages, genders and abilities considered out of the cultural mainstream was featured in an interview with Inga Saffron at The Philadelphia Inquirer as well as PennDesign News. In the interview titled “Reinventing the Restroom to End the Transgender Debate”, Sanders states, “We want to create safe, equitable space, not just for transgender people, but what I call nonstandard bodies. This is not just about trans people. It would be great for opposite-sex caregivers, for people with kids. We see it as an opportunity to have a broader conversation about public space.” To read the full interview in the Philadelphia Inquirer, click HERE. To read the article in PennDesign News, click  HERE.