Lecture at UVA: “From Stud to Stalled!”

March 16, 2018

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Joel Sanders is lecturing at University of Virginia School of Architecture. The lecture, titled “From Stud to Stalled!: Social Equity and Public Space” will discuss how his investigation of bathrooms parallels the evolution of his thinking about gender and space over the past two decades.

In his talk, Sanders will present Stalled!, a design research project that takes national controversies about transgender access to public restrooms as a point of departure to create inclusive public restrooms that meet the needs of people of different ages, genders, religions and disabilities. Sanders will treat the public restroom as a case study; one example of the way designers can make a difference by exploring the design consequences of urgent social justice issues.

The lecture will take place on Monday, March 19 at 5pm at Campbell Hall 153.

For more information on the event click HERE.