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How Design Could Save the Gendered Bathroom Debate
Architectural Digest, February 20, 2018


Joel Sanders Architect Reimagines a Funky West Village Duplex
Interior Design Magazine, October 5, 2017

Could the Restroom Become Public Space?
Metropolis Magazine, April 18, 2017

Joel Sanders: A Skyline Apartment at the Apex of the Upper West Side
New York Living: Reinventing Home, April 11, 2017, p98-107

Seongbukdong Residences
Green, Greener, Greenest: Facades, Roofs, Indoors, 2017


From Stud to Stalled
Posture Magazine, December 2016

New Exhibition ‘Gay Gotham’ Celebrates 80 Years of Art and Underground LGBTQ Culture in New York City
Towleroad, October 21, 2016

Joel Sanders on the Past and Future of Gender Issues in Architecture
The Architect's Newspaper, October 14, 2016


The Future of Aging
The Architect's Newspaper, September 2, 2015

2015 Oberfield Memorial Lecture: Sanders Blurs the Virtual, Actual (Online)
AIA NY Interiors Committee, June 3, 2015

Forecasting the Future of Libraries
The Magazine of the American Library Association, March/April 2015, p45


Groundwork: Between Landscape and Architecture
Time + Architecture Magazine 2014/6, November 2014, p144-149

Big Ideas: Growing Green (Online)
Interior Design Magazine, March 27, 2014

Big Ideas: Community Spirit (Online)
Interior Design Magazine, March 27, 2014

A Stud's Life: How Voyeuristic Living Became Mainstream (Online)
Out Magazine, March 3, 2014

Interior Design Best of Education & Culture
Vol. 1, p142-145

Architects Concept: JSA_Joel Sanders Architect
Concept Magazine (Vol. 182), June 5, 2014, p132-175

International Design Competition of Phoenix Mall
Architectural and Logo Design Works, Cover, p4-9

Big Ideas: Growing Green
Interior Design Magazine, March 2014, p74

Big Ideas: Community Spirit
Interior Design Magazine, March 2014, p140

A Stud's Life: How Voyeuristic Living Became Mainstream
Out Magazine, March 3, 2014, p52-53

Sleep, Eat, Soak, and....
New York Design Hunting, Winter 2014, p63-64


Kunshan Phoenix Cultural Mall (Online)
SuckerPUNCH, December 6, 2013

Joel Sanders Architect with FreelandBuck designs Kunshan Phoenix Cultural Mall (Online)
World Architecture News, November 1, 2013

Joel Sanders Architect and FreelandBuck Break Through in China with Kunshan Phoenix Cultural Mall (Online)
Architect's Newspaper Blog, October 8, 2013

A Queer History of Fashion: Fashion Theorist Valerie Steele mines the History of Clothing through an LGBTQ Lens (Online)
DAZED digital, October 8, 2013

American Architects Win International Competition for 'Cultural Mall' in China (Online)
Archdaily, October 4, 2013

New York Museum Exhibit Explores Fashion, Sexuality (Online)
TribLive, September 29, 2013

A Queer History of Fashion: From the Closet to the Catwalk - Review (Online)
The Guardian, September 25, 2013

It's Time to Rewrite a Queer History of Fashion (Online)
Fashionista, September 18, 2013

New York Fashion Exhibit Examines the Influence of Gay Designers (Online)
The Washington Post, September 17, 2013

A Queer Moment at the FIT Museum (Online)
Huffington Post, September 16, 2013

Queer Style A History of Fashion at FIT in New York - The Daily Beast (Online)
The Daily Beast, September 14, 2013

A New Exhibition Pays Tribute to Fashion's Queer History (Online)
FastCoDesign, September 13, 2013

The Museum at FIT's Queer History of Fashion Exhibit Wows (Online)
Racked, September 13, 2013

Out of the Closet
International Herald Tribune, September 12, 2013

FIT Museum Looks at LGBTQ Fashion Impact (Online)
Women's Wear Daily, September 12, 2013

FIT's Queer Fashion Exhibit Pays Homage to the Greats (Online)
Refinery 29, September 12, 2013

In Search of a Gay Aesthetic
The New York Times, September 11, 2013

A Gay Old Time
W Magazine, September 2013, p302-304

The Must-See Exhibit: Queer Fashion at FIT (Online)
Out Magazine, August 20, 2013

Bedford Residence
Architectural Record, July 2013, p33

Bedford Residence (Online)
Architectural Record, July 2013

Bedford Residence, Bedford Corners, NY
Residential Architect, May/June 2013, p64

Uncommon Thinking: At Education Commons by Joel Sanders (Online)
Interior Design, May 2013

Uncommon Thinking: At Education Commons by Joel Sanders
Interior Design Magazine, May 2013, p99-102

Bedford Residence, Bedford Corners, NY (Online)
Residential Architect, May 2013

Columbus Circle Duplex
The Architect's Newspaper, May 22, 2013, p22-23

Bright Minds (Online)
Architectural Record, May 2013

Bright Minds
Architectural Record, May 2013, p150-151

Joel Sanders Architect
Time Weekly, March 2013

Joel Sanders, Principal and Project Architect of Joel Sanders Architect
AN News, March 28, 2013, p6-7

Architect Joel Sanders seeks building designs that integrate with nature (Online)
South China Morning Post, March 13, 2013

Architect Joel Sanders seeks building designs that integrate with Nature
South China Morning Post, March 13, 2013

Home Is the Place We All Share: Building Queer Collective Utopias
Journal of Architectural Education (Vol. 67 no. 1), March 2013, p64-75

New & Spot: Education Commons at The University of Pennsylvania
International Magazine of Space Design, January 2013, p 110-111


The World of Sound (Online)
Dwell, November 2012

Site Driven
Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine, Winter 2012, p70

Best of Year
Interior Design, December 2012, p102, p162

Game Plan
Vogue, November 2012, p286, p288-289

The World of Sound
Dwell, November 2012, p86

New Screen, New Hope
Architect Magazine, October 2012, p28

Joel Sanders Architect designs elegant safety net for NYU's Bobst Library (Online)
World Architecture News, September 4, 2012

The Aldyn
New York Times Magazine, September 2012

YSOA Exhibition Brochure, September 2012

NYU decks out Bobst Library with Beautiful Suicide-prevention Screen (Online)
Inhabitat, August 29, 2012

New Screen, New Hope (Online)
Architect Magazine, August 27, 2012

NYU's brilliant design solution to a building's suicide problem (Online)
Time, August 26, 2012

NYU Bobst Library Renovation / Joel Sanders Architect (Online)
Archdaily, August 24, 2012

In the Name of Public Safety, NYU Veils the Modernist Clarity of Philip Johnson's Bobst Library (Online)
Artinfo, August 23, 2012

Preventing Suicide With Architecture (Online)
The Atlantic Cities, August 22, 2012

New NYU lifesaver 'prison' (Online)
New York Post, August 21, 2012

NYU's New Digitally-Inspired Suicide Barrier Raises Eyebrows (Online)
Architizer, August 21, 2012

A savvy design that saves student lives (Online), August 21, 2012

NYU Imprisons Students in a Video Game to Stop Them from Killing Themselves (Online)
Gawker, August 20, 2012

NYU Installs Aluminium Screens To Prevent Suicides In Bobst Library (Online)
Huffington Post, August 20, 2012

NYU installs anti-suicide screens in Bobst Library (Online)
New York Magazine, August 19, 2012

A Digitally Inspired Veil, intended to save lives, appears at N.Y.U. Library (Online)
City Room, The New York Times, August 19, 2012

Broadway Penthouse / Joel Sanders (Online)
Archdaily, August 14, 2012

Princeton University Julian Street Library by Joel Sanders (Online)
Dezeen Magazine, July 20, 2012

High-Tech Library Wins Award
Yale Alumni Magazine, July/August 2012

The High Life under the Stars (Online)
The New York Times, July 12, 2012

Developer Asks Nearly $9 Million for Quirky Noho Penthouse (Online)
Curbed, July 12, 2012

A NOHO Penthouse With a Garden on Top (Online)
The Wall Street Journal, July 12, 2012

The Red Wrap: NY leads in rooftop farming
Crain's New York Business, July 12, 2012

IIDA and ALA Announce 2012 Library Interior Design Competition Winners
Contract, June 2012, p100-101

Crosslines: The Professor is in
Interior Design, May 2012, p71-72, p74

Breaking Barriers
Oculus, Spring 2012, p32-33

Constructs, Spring 2012, p12

New Study Space Opens on East Side of Campus
Daily Penn, March 2012

Boom: Bold visions for modern retirement living (Online)
Los Angeles Times, March 17, 2012

Grandparents gone wild: BOOM to break ground in 2012 (Online)
Mother Nature Network, February 11, 2012

Seongbukdong Gate Hills (Online)
Archdaily, January 4, 2012


Matthias Hollwich's BOOM: A Gay Architect's Forthcoming Oasis for LGBT Retirees (Online)
Huffington Post, December 5, 2011

Broadway Penthouse
Objekt, Summer 2011

Market Street Penthouse
150 Best New Apartment Ideas

Super Models
Surface, December 2011

Neat Necessity
The East Architect's Newspaper, December 14, 2011

Information Commons in Franklin Field, slated to open in February
Daily Penn, November 2011

Seongbukdong Residences (Online)
CoolBoom, September 28, 2011

Exception to the Rule
Residential Architect, July/August 2011, p146-153

View Finder
Architectural Digest, May 2011, p146-153

Social Spaces
Manhattan Magazine, March/April 2011


Market Street Penthouse
Interior Design, October 2010, p222-229

The Four-Walled Kaleidoscope
New York Magazine, April 26, 2010, p54-57

Arty Green
IDEAT Magazine, March-April 2010, Cover, p214-219

Listen and Learn
Interior Design Magazine, March 2010, p92-94


ABC Restaurant
Advanced Interior Design Series, DAMDI Architecture Publishing

Amplifier House
Section in The Bldg Blog Book

Our Responses to Dealing with the Global Economic Crisis
SPACE, July 2009, p91-92

H.O.M.E. Magazine, May 2009, p37-43

Un Green Penthouse a New York
Madame Figaro France, May 2009, p144-149

Playing Favorites
The East Architect's Newspaper, January 21, 2009, p20, p26


Bright Bold Bubbly Best of Year
Interior Design Magazine, December 2008, p34-35

Jean-Georges to Go 'Vert': Easy as ABC
New York Magazine, November 2008

University of Virginia
Architect Magazine, November 2008, p74-83

Borrowed Views
Dwell, October 2008, p58

In the Penthouse, a True Garden Location
New York Times Magazine, September 25, 2008

2008 AIANY Design Awards
Oculus, Summer 2008, p23, p36

Two Architects Honored by AIA
The MacDowell Colony, Summer 2008, p4

Making Sense: The MIX House
AD Magazine, May/June 2008, p16-19

Studio Visit: Joel Sanders Architect
The East Architect's Newspaper, April 2, 2008, p10-11

If You Could Change the World
Interior Design Magazine, March 2008, p258


Not Only a Craft: Yale University Art Gallery
Architectural Record, June 2007, p144-149

As Kahn Intended
Architect Magazine, April 2007, p66-71

In the Modern World: Open House: Architecture and Technology for Intelligent Living
Dwell, April 2007, p64

Yale Revival
Architectural Review, March 2007, p50-54

Behind the Curtain
ARTFORUM, February 2007, p101-102


Charles Worthington Salon New York USA
Global Interior Design Collection

Northern Exposure
Metropolis, December 2006, p28

Restoring Kahn's Gallery, and Reclaiming a Corner of Architectural History, at Yale
New York Times Magazine, December 11, 2006

Kahn Masterpiece Reopens
The East Architect's Newspaper, December 11, 2006, p1, p7

Pied-a-terre pirouette
New York Spaces, November 2006, p98-101

Mix House
Space, October 2006, p116-117

Green Giant
Interior Design, September 2006, p55

Their Architect
Interior Design, September 2006, p226-227

Beijing Vantone Hot for 195 Broadway
New York Post, September 13, 2006, p40

The Cheap Fix
New York Times Magazine, August 31, 2006

Let in the Light. Show Off the Tub. Who Needs Privacy?
New York Times Magazine, March 23, 2006


Joel Sanders Architect: Hughston Studio
Compact Interiors

Joel Sanders Architect: Millennium Apartment
New Domestic Interiors

Joel Sanders Architect: Flex Space for Dancers and Body Building for Bachelors
High Fit Home: Designing Your Home for Health and Fitness

Joel Sanders Architect: Apartment in Central Park West
The American House Today

24/7 Hotel Room
DHD, November 2005, p48-49

Futuristic Recipe
New York Magazine, June 20, 2005, p64-65

Charles Worthington SOHO
SPADE 1, p151-153

2012 Olympic Equestrian Facility
ELA, May 2005

SPACE, May 2005, p117-119

Sesam Offne Dich
Hauser, May 2005, p87

Putting the Motel in Hotels
Dwell, March 2005, p132-133

Hotel in Progress
Casamica, February 2005, p79-80

Tekniken Som Andrar Allt
Plaza Magazine, February 2005, p71-73

One Room Fits All
Dwell, January/February 2005, p104-109

Rytinio Tualeto Sprintas
Naujas Namas, p8, p37, p68-70


Glamour, Yale University Press

Lee Residence
New American Interiors: Innovations in Residential Design

New York Times Magazine, December 12, 2004, p92

London on $9 a Night
Wired Magazine, October 2004, p94

La Chambre Service
AMC, September 2004, p114-115

Checking in at the Local Pod with Plenty of Toe Room
New York Times Magazine, July 22, 2004